Monday, 8 September 2008

I See You

See you, see me
I do envy your sensitivity
Reality indeed
Something I should´ve changed
Something I couldn´t change

See you in me, see you
I do adore your courage
And the way you damage
Heart after heart
Avoid it? I couldn´t manage
I know I should

See you and see you
Listening to Leann Rimes asking how do I live
Counting the days to the day I´d survive
One, two, three, four, five
Months without finding a reason to give
If I could I would

See you and don´t see me
Who is this reflection staring? I cannot see
Who am I? Where am I from? should be free
How could I feel empty?

Por: Maurinho
Por Maurinho - Do outro lado do rio... [Tejo]

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O Sussurrar do Corpo said...

Aqui deste lado perto do Douro deixo um sussurro...

Avid said...

Belo escrever...cheio de simplicidade, mas repleto de sentires.
Bjs meus