Saturday, 15 November 2008

Invertindo os Sentidos

I'm feeling like that for a while... wanting to change courses of life, of things, change the sense of many things.

The hard thing is hiding your feelings, pretending that you are not feeling these way. Sometimes it feels like a sin... But as Jamie said, it's only a sin if we make it a sin...

Unfortunately that's life! We have to live moments like these, sad and hurtful moments, but it's like that, that we grow, that we mature and become adults.

If I knew that being an adult was so hurtful, full of pain and uncertain decisions, I would stayed a kid a lot longer or forever.

If I knew how to control feelings, the age and my destiny, I'd changed things, I'd changed the destiny and developed a stoned heart.

I, sometimes, can control my feelings, my anger, my passion... but it's so hard and painful that it's hurts more then if I let the feelings flow, if I let the feeling follow their way.

Wouldn't it be great if we could invert the way that things go?

If we had a button that we could turn on/turn off according to what we want to feel or remember?

If we had those little magic button that all keyboards have: escape, delete, home, end, pause e F1 for immediate help?

Hmmmm... Life would be marvellous.


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