Wednesday, 15 October 2008

And Then You Wonder...

I was at my laptop

Quietly writting my report

You came, slyly and sitted beside me

I was listening “Free Fallin” from John Mayer

Love that song, and started to sing a loud

You decided to start speaking and impose your ideas

Who do you think I am?

Leave me be… Let me be me.

Please, let me sing and write this report.

If you’re not happy go away, I didn’t call you…

You came uninvited; you had your importance once

Now, you don’t exist

You are a heartless and selfish “thing”

You don’t know what you want to do with your life

Even you don’t know the purpose of your birth

And know you came and give me orders?

Respect, honesty, and sincerity, are concepts that you don’t use in your life

You don’t know these words

Do you rebember what you said yesterday?

Do you know what “respect yourself first” means?

For course no!

You don’t speak the same language that I speak

The language of the heart,

You don’t eat the same food that I eta,

The soul food

You and I are completely different

And this difference is not equal

And then you wonder why I reacted that way

You’re a filty bastard, you’re just a shadow

A dark, cold e turbid whole

And then you ask and wonder where shoe is...


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