Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The frawship*

«I see me in you.»

I identify my fears and sorrows, in you.
I see your likes and dislikes, in me.
We share our intimacy, our hates and loves, goods and bads.
We laugh in silence and aloud of the same things,
yet you confuse me the same way I confuse you.
We have common tastes and things in common,
yet so many things separate us.
We want to receive without expect,
yet we are afraid of giving, we fear the hurt, the pain.
We want to love without being hurt,
yet we want to be loved undemanding.

«What I see, is what you are,
and yet we are not soul mates.»

We want the same.
We expect not to expect,
We want to give and to receive.
We can give, but we fear giving.

We dare not to feel, not to care, not to love,
because we fear our feelings.

We chose to live every moment intensely,
because we are aware that we love limitless.
We chose not to be hurt, because we care too much.
We fight the same fight within us.

«We fear ourselves.»

Somehow, we both want the same, a friend, a partner and a lover.
Somehow, we both want a ear, a shoulder, a kiss and a hug.
Somehow, you make me speak my fears, hates, my worst,
although I'm still getting to know you.
Somehow I trust you, I feel that I can disarm myself to you.
You undress my soul and I feel totally comfortable with it.

With you, being me is easy, is natural, it simply flows.
We are friends in 'strangerland'.

«We are strangers, we are raw.
But yet, we are friends.»

*Frawship [word combination of friendship and raw]: a raw friendship; a friendship that's starting; a relationship of two people that are known for a long time, but only now begin to be friends.
[From the Venus Dictionary] 

I dedicate this post to "You".
Thank you very much for what you are, for you being you!


Anonymous said...

Sei tao...tao...sem palavras. Lindo demais!

Venus de Melo+ said...

Anónima, Obrigada!
São palavras que carregam sentimentos sinceros muito profundos.