Monday, 14 April 2008

@ Everything started with simple chat @

We were chatting about kinky stuff.
Then, as we got deeper into the conversation, I asked you if you wanted me to change the channel and watch an x-rated movie.
You said yes so I changed the channel and there was this movie where a girl was sitting on a couch, reading a magazine. Then she started to touch herself and I turned to you and asked you to sit in front of me, facing the TV. We were sitting on a couch and you had your back pressed against my chest. I started to take your shirt off and run my fingers through your chest. I touched your brests and you started to moan. By then I guess we were no longer interested in the movie. We started making our own movie. I asked you to stand up and I took off your shorts. I pushed you back down and once you were sitting down again my fingers went south. My right hand started to touch you underneath your panties while my left caressed your breasts. At the same time I was kissing your neck and nibbling on your ears. I asked you to keep watching the movie while I touched you. Looked like you enjoyed it so much that, after some time doing that, you asked me if I wanted you to do the same. So we changed positions and I found my self with my back touching your brests. That alone got me even more aroused. You put your hands inside my drawers and started to caress me. You pushed it to the side so it was no longer underneath my drawers. Your hand was massaging it so nice I felt I couldn't hold much longer. Then, you slided down the hand that was running throuh my chest. You grabbed me with your both hands and that felt great.

[By: Kuxa Kanema]


Anonymous said...

Nice. :)

Diva said...

Hot... simple like that... uffff ( nota-se que so agora comecei a respirar hahaha)
Bjs meus

NAELA said...

Wowww! Everything starts with a chat and ends in bed:))
Words are simple words!
Love it!!!

Nidia said...

when you touch my hand, my fingers are numb, by then i feel like heaven as descended and touched my breasts like a kind didn't aroused me but merely intrigued me.
I don't arouse me with your hands, but with your breath.
I don't excite me with your tongue but with your smell.
My nipples react to the beating of your heart beats to the sound of your voice...please keep whispering sounds in my body...
Let me enjoy heaven in your soul!

Venus...lov u lots