Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Babez, this is for you

My crazy wolf, my favourite sin.
It is in thy sin, that I identify.
It is my sin, that you renew.
Your humanized wishes,
Uncover my animal instincts.
Thy vassals pleasures ,
Turn me into pure meat, orgasmic product.
Your spicy words, splashed in honey letters,
Sweeten feelings running through my blood.
Your camouflaged gestures in whips,
Guide you to sincere and loyal love.

My baby, my angel.
All of you, live in shaded chopped.
Everything in you, is light in the dark.
Everything in you, is the truth.
Everything in you, vibrates of love.
Everything in you, makes loving an easy way of living.
All of me, love all of you.

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